1973-74 BUCCANEERS: Row 1: B. Lauber, R. Victor, R. Finfrock, D. Rench, R. Girouard, D. Kay, M. Cromas, K. McMaken, D. Fields. Row 2: A. Stephan, R. Parks, S. Pennington, M. Schilling, L. Minnich, D. Bundy, K. Ganger. Row 3: S. Burelison, R. Miller, S. Hunt, E. Brown, R. Kimmel, M. Apwisch.

The 1973-74 wresting team was led by coach Jack Schwamberger, who ultimately put together a legendary coaching career that led to his indiction into the Covington Athletic Hall of Fame in 2017. Even though the program was only in its second season, the interest increased as the roster consisted of 22 wrestlers. The team put together a dual record of 2-4-1.

Coach Jack Schwamberger